Broad Reach Radio - The Yachting New Zealand Podcast

Ep 18 - Graeme Sinclair

September 4, 2020

Graeme Sinclair is a boatie who has been the face of the television show Gone Fishing for 27 years, presented various documentaries, been involved in environmental and charity work and written a number of books. He even had a stint as a weatherman. But he’s also done a lot of it living with multiple sclerosis.

Graeme talks about his relationship with the ocean and how that has evolved over time. He also traces the background to Gone Fishing, why it has proved so popular both here and overseas and how he, a salesman, ended up presenting the show. Graeme also shares his experiences with MS, the day he received the devastating news, the impact it’s had on his life and why he now talks about it as a gift.

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